yamaha outboard electric choke not working

Yamaha Outboard Electric Choke Not Working – 6 Common Issues


Suppose you’re going out sailing on a Sunday morning. But you find out that the outboard electric choke on your Yamaha boat isn’t working. Now, that’s a pretty annoying thing to face!

So, why is the Yamaha outboard electric choke not working?

Well, there are several reasons why this is happening. It can be either a cold start problem or an electrical circuit issue. Error in the fuel system or carburetor damage can cause these issues as well. Moreover, there can also be issues with the electric starter! 

If you’re still confused, then we’ve got you covered with this article. So, if you have some spare time, then read along for all the details.

Why Your Outboard Electric Choke Is Not Working?

It’s normal for electrical components to run into some problems after a certain period. However, knowing the reasons behind it makes it easier for you to react accordingly. 

Also, you can pretty much repair it on your own. But if you need help, you can call a professional. 

Now, let’s dive deeper to know 6 reasons why Yamaha outboard electric choke not working. Along with the problems, we’ll also discuss their solutions.

Reason 1: Cold Start Problem

An engine requires a specific amount of heat to function correctly. When the temperature is low, the motor gets cold. This causes the electric choke to be dysfunctional. This can also happen if the engine is unused for several days.

But once the engine is hot, it works just fine. Basically, there’s a function of the passageway inside the carburetor bowl. This feeds the accelerator pump as well. So, if this passageway is plugged due to lack of heat, the engine stops working.


For the engine to work, hold the key in for a few seconds and then try starting it. After that, you can start the idle outboard motor like usual. It should work now!

There’s another thing you can do. While starting, you may use the manual function lever. This helps when your auto choke isn’t working. And later on, get your choke checked for better operation.

For alternate solutions, you can change your fuel filter. Now, if you’re confused about which fuel filter to buy, try any of these-

Product 1
Product 2

Hope these fuel filters will help to solve your problem!

Reason 2: Electrical Circuit Problems

Some factors cause the circuit to malfunction. Things like damaged spark plugs can create electrical circuit problems. Also, dead batteries or loose electrical connections can prevent the circuit from working correctly.


Now to solve these issues you have to replace the spark plugs, check the battery and terminals. After that check the ground connection for corrosion. If you see it’s corroded then you need to replace those as well!

Always use fresh fuel to avoid such situations. Also, check all the wires and connections regularly. Solder the wires if you see any loose connection. However, if the wires are badly damaged, you’re better off replacing them.

Reason 3: Fuel System Failure

Modern outboard engines have complex fuel systems. So any damage to the components related to that system can lead to engine failure. Damage to fuel pumps, fuel filters, etc., can lead to further problems.


Sometimes this damage is caused by water filling up the tank. So if you drain all the liquid, flush it and then refill it the problem will be solved.

However, if the fuel system is broken or damaged you’ll have to replace it. Although replacing can be costly, but changing it will save you from any further damage.

Keep your fuel system in check to avoid such problems in the future.

Reason 4: Carburetor Problem

Although new engines use fuel injection systems, old ones have carburetors. Carburetors prepare the combustible mix of air and fuel, which allows the engine to run. So, if it doesn’t work correctly, your engine might fail, and the electric choke won’t work.

Moreover, this problem can also be caused by the accumulation of dirt. So you need to clean and repair to solve the problem. 


Firstly you need to clean the carburetor regularly to avoid such problems. You may also need to change the carburetor if you see that even after cleaning it’s not working. 

Well, replacing the carburetor may go hard on your pockets. So, while you have your carburetor working well, don’t forget to take care of them.

Reason 5: CDI Failure

CDI means capacitor discharge ignition. If this ignition system goes wrong, then there’s a chance of your Yamaha outboard not working. 

Failure of CDI can cause misfires and rough running as well. This is also a common issue in other types of engines.


Well, to fix this problem, you’ll have to take the engine to the dealer for diagnosing correctly. This is because this is a fairly complicated issue that needs an expert’s assistance. After inspection, you’ll need to replace it or repair it as per inspection by the experts. 

Reason 6: Electric Starter Issue

Wiring damage or a blown fuse can cause electric starter issues. Damaged batteries can be responsible as well. You can find out about this problem in visual inspections on your own.

Remove the electrical cover and fuse holder, and you’ll get to see what’s causing the issue.


To fix this, check the wire connections and lubricate the steering cables properly. Also, clean the battery terminals, and recharge them. After that, try to start the engine. 

These are basically the solution you can implement to solve your problems. If this doesn’t work, take it to a professional for an inspection.


Question: How often should you change the oil in a 4 stroke Yamaha outboard?

Answer: You should change the oil after every 100 hours in a 4 stroke Yamaha outboard. Otherwise, you might run into issues such as your motor not starting!

Question: Are Yamaha jet boats noisy?

Answer: Yes, they are pretty loud. However, you can use soundproofing insulation to reduce the noise effect on the engine.

Question: Do outboard motors have mufflers?

Answer: No outboard motors don’t have mufflers. This is because thor exhaust design doesn’t require it to have one.

Final Thoughts

That’s all about the Yamaha outboard electric choke not working. We hope our solutions helped you solve your issues.

Have a good time sailing on holiday!

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