pros and cons of mounting transducer on trolling motor

Pros And Cons of Mounting Transducer on Trolling Motor: Guided


A mounting transducer is definitely something a fisherman would look up to. We know how helpful it is. But to install it, we need to consider a few things. And the most important things are its pros and cons. You must consider it before the installation.

So, what are the pros and cons of mounting the transducer on trolling motor?

The first pro for this would be it covers the water column. In addition, this can also be ideal to catch objects going to random directions. Moreover, it can also transmit signal properly. However, mounting it on the trolling motor leaves high chances of getting it hit. It also has complex management too.

This gives you a general idea about the pros and cons. But you can get every info about it in detail here. 

So, read along and get started now!

Pros And Cons of Mounting The Transducer on Trolling Motor

You already know that mounting the transducer on the trolling motor can be handy. However, there are always pros and cons of things. 

Just like that mounting a transducer on the trolling motor has advantages and disadvantages too. So, what are the pros and cons of mounting a transducer on the trolling motor?

Well, take a look here for this. We have got a info in detail for you with several pros and cons.

Advantages of Mounting Transducer on The Trolling Motor

Here, we’d have a close look at the advantages of mounting transducer on the trolling motor

Advantage 1: Transducer Covers The Water Column

If you mount or install the transducer on trolling motor, there is a common pro. And that is, you get to go along with the sight underneath.

That means you can see what is underneath all the time. You can even have a look underneath and at the surrounding while you are fishing.

As a result, you can understand if you need to move here and there. You can understand what type of fish could be seen where.

You can basically aim your prey according to your wish or requirement. Because this allows you to see and change the prey very quickly. 

Advantage 2: Ideal to Catch Objects

With this, you can easily catch objects with the help of sonar. That means if you have any kind of fish around you, this helps automatically.

Basically, the transducer looks for any objects around. And if it can detect through waves, this moves to it. The sonar would start moving to the object automatically even if you fail to notice it.

And this could come in really handy. This would be helpful especially for the newbies or amateurs. But not even the professionals forget to take the privilege of it too.

Advantage 3: Good Signals

You know a pro of installing transducer on trolling motor is its signal. Yes, that is right. Installing this on the trolling motor means this is relatively at the front.

As a result, this gets signals earlier than if it was at the back. And due to this, it can also send signals quicker. Not to forget that, this enables the transducer to transmit good signa by default too.

Thus, you can expect this to send and receive good signals on the trolling motor.

Disadvantages of Mounting Transducer on The Trolling Motor

Well, you have already come up with the pros above. And do not forget that it has a few cons too. You must consider both advantages and disadvantages of it. 

Then you go for the final decision whether to mount it here or somewhere else. So, now, you can have a look at the cons here in detail.

Disadvantage 1: May Get Hit Easily

You know mounting it on the trolling motor keeps it relatively at the front. As a result, this may encounter any object around it easily. 

And that means it may be hit with any objects any time. So, this has a very high chance of getting hit by objects while you are sailing.

It would not only be at the risk of fish or other creatures. Because any rock or mussel beds could also hit the transducer.

And that could just damage the transducer. Thus, you need to replace it considering the cost of a transducer.

If you want to get a new transducer, here you go. We have got our pickups for you.

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Hope this helps!

Disadvantage 2: Active Only When The Trolling Motor Is Activated

You may not be able to use the transducer everytime. Because it can only be used when the trolling motor is turned on.

When the trolling motor is deployed in the water, it works. But if you expect the trolling motor to keep stowed and the transducer work, no! 

That means it would not work. Because the trolling motor is not active at the moment.

That means it has to be activated on a package. You can not go with a single one for this. And this can also lead to issues of engine mount trolling motor.

Disadvantage 3: Complex Cable Management

A common con of managing a transducer is its complex cabling. That means it is not that easy to manage the cable of a transducer.

This is because you need to manage a good length of cable for this. Because this has to be slack to go to every direction needed.

And due to the length, the cable has high risks of getting snapped. So, you would find it difficult to maintain at times. 

Thus, this becomes tough especially when the water depth is significant. And this also happens mounting the outboard too high.

So, these are the pros and cons you may come across. And you can finally decide on what to do going through this.

Remember mounting the transducer on the trolling motor is actually preferable. But if you think you still need to reconsider, this would help.

Make sure you are certain and confident about what you are doing. Good luck!


Is it really needed to install a mounting transducer?

No, it is not a must to install a mounting transducer on your boat. Because it basically depends on the user or the boat rider. If you are interested in fishing, you must get one of these. On the other hand, if you have no interest in fishing, you do not necessarily need this.

Is a mounting transducer cheap or expensive?

Well, a mounting transducer is not that cheap to be honest. It is neither that expensive if you look at its utilities. So, if you want to buy one of these, you need to spend around $65. Yes, the price may vary a bit but not that significantly. But the price isn’t that much compared to the other things.

Can I mount the transducer at different places?

Well, some people consider mounting the transducer at different places. However, it is better to install it at the lower part of the boat. And it is mainly installed there actually. Because that is when you get more signals, making it convenient for your purpose.

The Final Words

Now you know about the pros and cons of the mounting transducer on trolling motor! We believe you have all the info you need now.

But do not forget one thing. That is, you may have any confusion regarding your boat mechanism. In that case, do not proceed without clarifying the confusion. Or else, you may have unexpected consequences.

All the best!

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