power trim won't go up or down

Power Trim Won’t Go Up Or Down: 6 Reasons And Solutions!


You might have faced the power trim not functioning correctly. Now you are thinking of going to the expert. But why this struck on a specific position. Furthermore, you get confused about how to move the trim upward or downward.

Even if the answer is affirmative, why does Power trim won’t go up or down? 

Yes, it’s  possible to move the power trim yourself if it isn’t working. Hydraulic leakage, bad relays, and fluidity of hydraulics are the leading causes of not functioning properly. Changing relay, wires and maintaining the hydraulics fluid properly are the three key steps to solve the problem.

Don’t go away. We put a brief description of each of these functions in depth. 

And the biggest question is what are the solutions. So, take some time and stay with us!

Why Does Power Trim Will Not Go Up Or Down?

The power trim and tilt system help raise and lower the boat machine. There are many reasons not to move the power trim upward and downward.

From Mercruiser Tilt and Trim to other boats, We have listed every possible reason. And give the solution below.

Problem 1: Hydraulic Fluid Is Not Fluid Freely 

Hydraulic fluid controls the flow rate of motors and cylinders. Therefore, it regulates the speed of the boat and provides efficiency in mileage. 

But sometimes, it may not flow properly within the parts. Hence, the power trim doesn’t go up or down and is struck in a specific place. 


You have to identify the bypass valve so fluid can move freely.

Firstly, put the board below the board so that it could give support. Next, identify the small hole under the machine. Open it through the screwdriver.

Next, freely lower or lift the engine a couple of times. Don’t forget to tighten the crew up. Lastly, recheck the trim function.

Below we provide a product suggestion table for your convenience.

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Problem 2: Not Enough Hydraulics Oil 

Hydraulic oil is an essential part, as we discussed before. Sometimes the motor is not up or down due to the oil scarcity.


It is very easy to add trim oil to the motor.

Firstly pull up the motor as upper as possible. Use a stick for safety purposes and give the weight of the motor to the part.

Secondly, take a screwdriver and identify the big yellow nut in front of the below machine. Place the screwdriver in the proper position and unscrew it.

After opening the nut, you will feel oil pressure from the engine. Don’t panic. 

Simply use any type of hydraulic oil to fill the reservoir. Now check the trim and move up and down. Try to add more fluid and repeat the process a couple of times.

If the outboard motor is still not running, look for the issues to resolve. 

Problem 3: Busted Wire Problem

You pour out the old liquid and replace it with new fluid. But discover the trim or tilt does not move at all.


When you press down, the motor starts. When you press up on the engine, nothing happens. When you press up, you can only hear the relays clicking.

Looks like the wire become busted on the motor circuit battery relay. And the circuit is trying to control the relay.

You can hear the “click” sound, but there might be no power moving to the “load terminal.” Hence check the voltages and amps.

Find the point where the cables from the motor connect to the solenoids. Check the voltage there. If you have voltage, you have a faulty motor.

The blue line is up, while the green wire is downward. You have a different issue if the motor starts flying up in reverse. 

When changing the motor on your own, ensure the O-ring has a good seal. And the small coupler is in place between the motor and the pump. To keep these in place, rub a tiny amount of oil.

If it is still working, then the switch is bad. Hence, remove the switch, and check the linkings.

Problem 4: Tap The Trim Motor

You are running the boat, but suddenly you hear the “click-click” sound at the back. And get confused!


The basic thing you could do is tap and trim the motor with a hammer.

You need a buddy who will do this job up or down the moto. First, tap the trim motor with a hammer several times. And in the meantime, ask your friend to do the movement of the power trim.

This may work temporarily. But in the long run, you may change the trim motor.  

Problem 5: The Relay Is Not Working Correctly 

You check everything on the boat and do not find any significant issues. Sometimes the trim motor may be down.


Check whether the relay is functioning properly or not. If it is not going up or down, it is the relay problem.

Jiggle, jiggle the relay and pull each one of them. Next, swap the relays with each other. Restart the engine and check whether it is functioning or not.  

Furthermore, look for scratch marks on the piston rods as well. Each of these signs is indicative of rusty end caps. They’re also holding the rod.

So if possible, change the relay. It will take only ($13-20) dollar per trim relay. But remember, if the trim motor runs, it’s not a relay problem.

Problem 6: Leaking Problems In Hydraulics 

Now, consider the hydraulic concerns you may encounter. It may become complicated. The most common hydraulic issues you encounter are leaks. 

An electric pump operates the liquid in the power tilt and trim system. If there is a leak, the hydraulic fluid will flow out. It will allow air to replace in the system. 

When this happens, the motor frequently tilts downward and refuses to move up or sticks. 


Going to the professional is the finest solution. 

But if you want to do it yourself, look at the common trim and tilt problems.


How should I leave the outboard motor?

Tilt the outboard when leaving the boat in the water to avoid marine algae and rust.

What kind of fluid is best for tilt trim?

Ans: Ensure  you use the best-quality marine-formula grease so it doesn’t wash away too quickly. When not in use, leave the trim rams completely retracted to avoid rust buildup.

Why my trim system is not working?

Ans: Corrosion, failed solenoids, and relays are the most common problems of the trim and tilt system not functioning properly.


After the end of the article, we hope you know the reasons and solutions for why power trim won’t go up or down. 

Hope that you will be able to solve the problem by yourself. 

So, what do you think after reading this article? Which parts did you like most? Did we miss any important information?

Do not hesitate, and do let us know in the comment section down below!

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