pelican predator 103 modifications

Pelican Predator 103 Modifications [The Change You Need!]


Pelican predators are already impressive boats. But like everything we always want to change it to our likings. And a pelican predator is no stranger to that. 

In fact, every boat owner modifies their boats to make it more efficient on the water. But sometimes a little help is needed to make those modifications. 

So, what are some pelican predator 103 modifications?

Pelican predators can be modified in many ways. The first way to do it is by upping the anchor locking system. Then you can move on to the deck hatch. Another modification is installing an aerator in the live well. The cup holder can be enhanced as well! And so much more. 

All this might seem confusing, but don’t worry it’s more simple than you think. 

If you want to make your pelican predator the best, dive into this article.  

Modifications for Your Pelican Predator

pelican predator 103 fishing boat are great! But, sometimes the boats just do not feel right. And some modifications are to be made to get the perfect boat. 

The first thing you can do is modify the anchor locking system. This locking system can be made by the shoreline. The rope goes through a locking mechanism but can easily be detached by pulling up. 

The anchor can be removed before you drive down. The next modification is an 8 inch deck hatch. This deck can be installed with a frosting bucket.  

To make the deck the first thing you’ll do is cut a hole and remove some foam. Then cut the bucket and drop it in place. This will give about a half an inch before touching the hole. 

It will also help pop riveting an epoxy in place. The third modification is installation of a voltage indicator. This modification will help with battery, usb ports, and 12-volt automobile out jack for accessories. 

You could also install a sound system on your boat. This will help fishing be more fun. 

Fourth modification is the installation of two additional route holders in front. You could go with the cheaper ones, they usually work well. 

The fifth modification is an aerator which you can install in the live well. You can do that by installing a bubbler. But if you use a velcro to hold things it may not hold up. 

A different mount for the aerator might be good. The bubbler is also useful for keeping the fishes that you’ll catch alive. 

Sixth modification will be two scotty transducers mounted in place with the transducer. Make sure to set it correctly so that it sits properly. So that it does not get interference from the trolling motor.  

You can shim the transducer to get it aligned properly with the boat. Another very useful thing to add to pelican boats is a cell phone holder. You can do that by using double sided tapes. 

A rod holder can also be a great addition to the boat. The cup holders of this boat do not do justice. So that can be modified as well. 

You can put both the cup holders on two sides. Put a knife on the side of the seat for easy access on a multi-tool. The final modification is the mounting of the oar on the outside of the boat. 

Use some ⅛ pop toggles to get the oars on. You also have to drill a series of 5/16 inch holes for the pop toggles. To fill the gap, put some marine adhesive on the back of the metal. 

Another additional modification can be installing a boat seat box. This will make your journey more comfortable than ever. 

Pelican Predators Review 

The pelican predator 103 review for the mini boat makes buying it worth it. Even though some modifications are needed it’s still an awesome boat. Let’s look at what’s already great about it. 

The boat can easily fit 2 people on it. It is powered by 4 to 5 horsepower gasoline motors. It can also be run by a 12 volt electric trolling motor. 

The standard battery on it lets it run for eight to ten hours. Therefore, perfect for a long day of fishing! In addition to that we’ve given below some name of batteries that are worth the money. 


You can modify the boat by adding a bimini top. This will give you lots of shade if you live in hotter climates.  

Boat is equipped with two cabinets. One is storage for fishing gear and another one has electrical hookups for the battery. 

It’s also very easy to handle. 


Given below are some commonly asked questions that you could relate to!-

What are some things that are a must have on a boat?

Some things that you can add to a boat are- First aid box,Throw cushions,Solar panel so that batteries can be charged,Dry box,Tubes that are towable ,Boat cooler,Doggy boat ladder ,Inflatable boat slide ,Fire extinguisher ,Jump packs ,Boat paddles , Zip ties,Boating knife and so many more! 

What do I do if a boat is filling up with water?

Bringing it to a full stop is the first thing that you should do. By doing this the water pressure will be reduced. The second thing to do is to turn on the bilge pump. And the most important thing is to know where the water is coming from. 

Do boats get damaged if I leave it uncovered in the rain?

Yes, the boat will get damaged. The interior of the boat will get ruined. Not only the rain, but the sun also damages it. So, it is highly recommended to keep the boat covered at all times. Falling objects or many types of animals can add to the damage as well. 


We hope you are satisfied with our pelican predator 103 modifications. These modifications will leave your boat looking and feeling better than ever. Also very efficient. 

Aside from all the modifications you’re making, don’t forget to add a life jacket! And be very careful when modifying the boat. Happy sailing!

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