Minn Kota Talon Problems

Minn Kota Talon Problems: 3 Common Issues


If you’re a fishing enthusiast, you might already own a Minn Kota talon. When it comes to shallow water, Minn Kota Talon is all you need. However, you would face trouble quite frequently if it isn’t maintained well.

So what could be your Minn Kota talon problems?

Common problems include, Minn Kota Talons getting stuck underwater. It makes squeaky noises that are loud and unpleasant. There could be inner problems as well. Most talons are Bluetooth supported. So, it might have synchronization problems with the remote controller.

If any of these issues give you a headache, this article is for you.

So let’s get started.

Problems Faced Due to Minn Kota Talons – 3 Ways To Solve Them

We discussed three common issues of Minn Kota talon. We tried to give you a complete idea about the problems. We’ve also mentioned complete solutions for them.

Minn Kota Talon Gets Stuck Down 

This is one of the most common problems that talon owners face. It could be pretty annoying getting stuck in the middle of a lake. Because the talon would not budge at all. 

This can happen due to power failure, frozen wires. Even the main outboard might be malfunctioning. If you have a quality kicker motor bracket, that might help. But if you don’t, you might have to retract the talon manually. 


Retracting the talon in a manual process is a bit tricky. Here we will provide you a guideline on how you can retract your talon manually. 

Necessary Tools

  • 7/16 socket
  • 7/16 and 9/16 Socket wrench

Step-1: Removing Parts

Press the UP button on the control panel. You will hear three successive beeps. Then, remove the protective rubber cap using a 7/16 size socket wrench. 

Wrench the hex-drive in a clockwise direction. Keep wrenching the hex-shaped bolt until it comes out fully.

Step-2: Disable Manual Retract Mode

After removing the bolt, turn off the manual retract mode. To do that, press the UP button once on the control panel. 

You will hear the 3 consecutive beeps that you heard before. It confirms that the manual retraction mode is now off.

Step-3: Retract Talon


If you have a tilt bracket attached to your talon, use it to tilt it up on your boat. If that doesn’t work, use the 9/16 socket wrench to unbolt four bolts from the bracket. Then pull out the talon from the water.

If nothing works, Try moving your boat by thrusting the forward gear. It’s not a recommended method as it can cause damage to your talon. So, consider it as your last resort if it can’t be retracted manually.

Having a good keel guard might increase your talon’s longevity. As it prevents damage to vulnerable parts of the boat. Also, it helps to keep a composed balance on any type of water condition.

Talon Makes Screeching Noise

Minn Kota talons can make squeaking noise from the stages. It can happen when the talon has gotten old and rusty. 


It can be dirt. A piece of stone or metal stuck between the stages. Here’s what you can do to get rid of the unpleasant sound.

Step-1: Clean The Stages

Press the DOWN button on the control panel. Deploy the talon to its full extent. Once all the stages are out, start cleaning them using soap and water. Rinse the stages carefully so that no dirt remains. 

After cleaning, dry the stages properly. You can repeat this process 2-3 times for better results. Also, if metal stages are becoming rusty,  try to remove the corrosion.

Step-2: Clean The Inner Part

Open the upper cap of the talon. Use a wrench to pull the bolts and open the cap. You will see the cables and other components of the talon.

Don’t worry about them. Just rinse a lot of water down the talon and let it drip off. Make sure all the dirt is getting out of it.

After washing, dry the talon using a cloth or a drier.

Step-3: Notice The Sound Source

It’s time to test the progress. Press the Up and Down button to see how far you have come along to reduce the noise.

But if it still makes a squeaky sound, notice at what stage it starts.

There could be dirt or a piece of stone stuck inside the stages. You have to try to bring out the foreign component. But if it doesn’t work, better luck in step 4.

Step-4: Use Lubing Material

To lube your talon, use an oil-based lube product. Start with the inner parts of the talon. Spray the lube on the wires, cables, and stages. It’ll help the stages to move easily.

There are other lubing products that aren’t oil-based. So if you’re worried about making your talon greasy, there are options!.

In case you don’t have any choices, here are our picks:

Product 1
Product 2

Once you have your product, apply it all over the talon. Now repeat step-3. Hopefully, you have gotten rid of the unpleasant sound by now.

Having Trouble with Bluetooth Connection

You might face trouble connecting your talon with the remote controller. Even the talon app. It could happen because of poor signal or Talon’s memory overload. This also happens if the signal is jammed.


It might take a few simple steps depending on your talon’s problem. But you may need to clear the memories of your talon. These are the steps that can help you.

Step-1: Cycle Power:

Wire the Minn Kota talon to a master power switch. If you turn off the switch, it will be easily cycled.

If your boat isn’t powered by a master power switch, try pulling the fuses out of the battery connection. It’s usually on the front side of the battery charger. However, do make sure everything is working as your Minn Kota charger can malfunction.

Step-2: Close Other Apps

When you are trying to connect your talon via Bluetooth with the talon app, it’s best to remove other apps that are working in the background.

This increases the chance of connecting your device to the talon due to less interruption. 

Step-3: Clear Talon Memory

If nothing is working in your way, try clearing the memory of your talon and the remote controller. To do it:

  • Remove the inline fuse of the power line to the talon.
  • Press the UP button on the talon unit and it restores the power.
  • After it is being restored you will hear a succession sound. Which indicates that the memory of the talon has been removed.
  • Now it is ready for pairing and syncing.

If all the mentioned solutions aren’t working, seek professional help.


Question: Is Minn Kota talon battery operated?

Answer: yes, it is totally electrically driven. There’s no use of hydraulic fluid or hoses.

Question: Does Minn Kota shallow water talon have a fuse? What size is it?

Answer: Yes, for a two-stage talon, it has an inline 30A blade-style fuse. For a three-stage talon, there’s an inline 30A resettable blade-style fuse.

Question: What are the max boat weight and length a talon can hold off?

Answer: A single talon can hold off a boat that is about 28’ in length and 4500lbs in weight.


That was all for the Minn Kota talon problems. We hope this helps you to fix your issues.

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