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Livingston Boat Modifications: Things You Can Add


Livingston is a brand that sells comparatively light weighted boats. These boats are also cheaper than the other boats. 

Now, after buying a Livingston boat, most people like to modify it. That means they like to rebuild the boat as per their own preferences. That way they get more great features in a boat at a cheaper cost.

Now, what kind of Livingston boat modification will be great for your boat? 

You can modify your Livingston boat in many ways. Such as, you can install dry storage on your boat. It will keep your things out of the water. Then you can install a custom-made cooler box on the boat. You can use it to keep your food and drinks cool. Or you could use it as a cooler fish box. 

Now, we’re going to discuss these Livingston boat modifications in more detail.

Livingston Boat Modifications

Generally, people like to rebuild a boat to add some new and great features at a cheaper cost. That’s why some people like to buy a Livingston boat. 

Because, the boats that already come with those features in the market, cost way more than a modified Livingston boat. 

There are many Livingston boat models. Also, there are a lot of Livingston boat sizes. Among them, the 14 Livingston boat is a great boat for rebuilding. 

It’s an outboard which has tilt and trim added to it. Then there is a 16 ft Livingston boat which will be a good one for redesign as well.

Now, as the Livingston 14 build is comparatively very lightweight and cheaper, you can modify it more easily. 

So, here is some information in this table about the products you’ll need for the boat modification. 

Types of Boat Modification Products You Need 
Installing dry storage Waterproof box, drilling machine, rubbing alcohol, caulk all-purpose adhesive, screw 
Installing seats Boat seats, drilling machine, screw 
Installing cooler box Foam, acetone, Arjay bonding putty, glass, gel coat

Now, here are some Livingston boat construction ideas which will change your boat completely.

Installing Dry Storage 

You can install dry storage on your Livingston boat. This dry storage will be waterproof. So, you can keep those things in this box which you want to keep out of the water. 

It could be any kind of thing. Such as you could keep a map, money, anything made of paper, food, and so on in the box. 

For installing dry storage on the Livingston boat, first, you’ll need a waterproof box. You can find many waterproof dry storage boxes for a boat online.

In some boats, there might be a box-shaped space on the sides of the boat. Some people call it a seat. So, this seat might be attached with a cushion made of styrofoam. Cut the styrofoam in the shape of the waterproof box. 

Next, clean the area with a little alcohol. Then mark with a sharp thingy around the seat where you want to put the screws in. Also, mark around the sides of the waterproof box. 

Then take a drilling machine and make holes in the marked places. After that, put the box in the seat and see if the holes are in the right place. 

After checking that, take the caulk all-purpose adhesive. It’s a great adhesive for boats. Then, put a layer of the adhesive around the seat and place the box in it. If some of the adhesives spread out a lil bit, that’s okay. Just wipe it off. 

Now put the screws into the holes and tighten them. And that’s it! Your dry storage install is done.

Installing Seats

You can add seats on your Livingston boats. For that, you can find some great folding boat seats with an attached box online. 

So first, you have to mark the place where you want to install the boat seats. Then make holes with a drilling machine in the marked places. Then place the boat seat on the marked place and put the screws into the holes. Then tighten the screws with the drilling machine. 

And you’re done with the Livingston boat seat install!

Installing Cooler Box

On a Livingston boat, you can easily install a handmade cooler box. You can use this cooler box for keeping food and drinks cold. Or you can use it like a fish box where you can keep fish after fishing. That way, your fish will stay fresh for a long time. 

You already know, there might be some box-shaped spaces on the boats. So, choose a bigger space for installing a cooler box. And then clean it with acetone. 

Now, you’ll need arjay which is a bonding putty. It’s really thick like a dough. You have to smear the putty all over the space. Then put the foam all over the putty. After that, smear some more putty on the foam. 

Next, cover the whole foam area with glass. Then you have to coat everything with gel. And that’s how you completed installing the cooler box. 

So, these are some easy modifications for your Livingston boat. But there are more modification ideas. Such as you could install a new Livingston boat console. Or, you could install a sound system on the boat. 

Also, you could find some more boat modification ideas from the Livingston boat forums.

And you can use these modifications in some other boats as well. Like Worldcat, Twin vee and Tidewater boats are boats similar to Livingston. So you can use the same Livingston boat modification ideas in these boats also.  


Are Livingston boats stable?

Yes. Livingston Boats are very stable. Also, they are very lightweight and cheap. So, you can easily buy them and then you can modify them just like you want. The modification is also easier for this boat. After you modify the boat, the boat will change completely. 

Can a Livingston Boat sink?

Yes. A Livingston boat can sink if you don’t throw out the water that entered the boat. Even if the boat is fine, sometimes, water comes into the boat. You just need to throw that water out from time to time. Another reason for sinking could be if your boat gets a huge crack. 

How Many Boat Sizes Are Available in Livingston?

There are 7 types of boat sizes available in Livingston. Such as 8 ft, 9 ft, 10 ft and 12 ft boats. Also there are 14 ft, 16 ft and 19 ft boats available in this brand. Among them, the 14 ft Livingston boat is the most common one for easy modification. 


Now, we already know about some Livingston Boat Modifications. Also, we know how to install these modifications on the boat. 

So now, we can buy a simple boat at a very cheap cost and then turn it into a costly one. It will make the boat more unique and useful.

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