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Who Will Win The Battle Between Jeanneau vs. Beneteau?


Sailing boats are amazing things to have to spend holidays or even a day out. But it’s confusing to select a boat that will fulfill your purpose. So here we jump in to help you out!

So, which one is the better one- Jeanneau vs Beneteau?

Now build and quality-wise Jeanneau is better than the Beneteau. But the Beneteau has a more innovative feature and can be used by households. On the other hand, the Jeanneau is built elegantly for sailing purposes only. Moreover, the Jeanneau is more on the expensive side compared to Beneteau.

If you’re getting puzzled don’t worry. We’re here to provide you with a complete comparison guide. If you can spare some time, then this article will help you to clear your doubts.

Jeanneau vs Beneteau: Quick Comparison

Now, before we get into the in-depth discussion we have a quick preview of their features. Now these comparisons are not as complicated as the cmap and Navionics one. So you can relax and look at the preview to have a better idea of these two. 

Comparison Factor Beneteau Jeanneau
Build Material and Quality Good Comparatively Better
Design Structure Innovative Elegant
Customer Niche Family Use Sailing
Special Feature Dock & Go System 360⁰ Docking
Warranty Total 7 years Total 7 years
Price Lower Starting Range Comparatively Higher Starting Range.

Well, now that’s over with. Let’s head over to the part where we discuss these in detail.

Jeanneau vs Beneteau: Detailed Comparison

Now, as you’ve got the basics, let’s dive deeper into the topic. We’ve divided Jeanneau vs Beneteau into 6 segments. Let’s discuss them one by one.

Build Material & Quality

The build quality no matter what the boat is should be top-notch. Otherwise, after purchasing it you’ll have to spend a lot on maintenance and repair. Just like problems with the fuel tank of Moeller. So let’s compare the quality and build. 


Beneteau uses resin and balsa core for building the hull. This balsa core helps to maintain the structural strength at the desired scale. 

Beneteau boats are comparatively lightweight and sail faster. Moreover, the balsa core helps in a higher resistance, noise reduction, and insulation.


Jeanneau uses a vacuum resin infusion molding technique to build their boats. Thus better finishing and weight control are ensured. Moreover, this too helps to look at detailed portions easily.

Fiberglass is used to make their hulls. Their advanced fiberglass technology ensures reduced weight and better strength.

For comparison, the newer Jeanneau boats have slightly better build quality.

Design Structure

Now moving on to the design structure. We need the structure to bode well with the sea otherwise, it might be difficult to sail it. Plus you might end up with structural problems


From the design sense and perspective, Beneteau is a boat to reckon with at sea. They are known for making the best naval crafts. They have always produced innovative designs to work with.


Jeanneau is quite similar to Beneteau in terms of design structure. However, the Jeanneau is more elegant. These boats are well known for easy handling as well. Also, their constant innovation and well-maintained execution help to make attractive boats. 

Customer Niche

Now the purpose you’ll be using the boat for is quite important. This is because this can also add as a deciding factor in this case. 


Beneteau boats are preferable for family uses. The reason behind this is the roomy interiors and more comfortable cabins as well as galley. Also, the storage compartments have more space.


Jeanneau boats are better cruise performers. The sailors love these boats as they ride well with the wind. Although it also has a nice interior, the Beneteau boats are superior in this aspect.

Special Feature

Besides the usual features, special addition of factors can also help the boat to stand out! So, let’s check out their special features.


Beneteau has a unique system that saves from manual maneuverability hassles. This system is called the Dock & Go system. Using the Dock & Go system will help to handle the boat in close quarters. Moreover, the joystick-like tool helps to optimize a yacht’s overall thrust.


Jeanneau is also forming a similar system like Dock & Go. This system allows a joystick to control the board within a 360-degree angle. This system is named 360⁰ docking.

The single push-button feature makes the system easier to use. Plus this system also keeps the speed at the desired level and gives a fulfilled experience.


Price point can be the most important feature that settles your decision. So let’s see their price range!


Beneteau boats and yachts may cost around $11,000 to almost $2.7 million or above. So here we have quite a decent starting price as you can see.


Jeanneau boats and yachts’ price starts from around $15,000. It goes up to about $1.4 million or more. Now here the starting range is a little high but the highest price is lower. 

Final Verdict

There’s no doubt that both of the brands make good quality boats with high standards. But your purpose of use will make one of them stand out to you.

So, if you want to buy a boat to spend your vacation, Beneteau is the one for you. But if you are more serious about sailing, then you should probably choose Jeanneau. Here are some of the best boats among these brands you can check out:

Product 1
Product 2

That’s all we have on these two boats!


Question: Is Beneteau a bluewater boat?

Answer: Yes, Beneteau is a bluewater boat. Moreover, these are the best bluewater cruisers for families. Moreover, along with this accommodation, these are quite comfortable as well. 

Question: Does Beneteau own Jeanneau?

Answer: Yes, Jeanneau is a part of the Beneteau group. Beneteau acquired Jeanneau earlier in 1995. Although they are the same group they do their work separately!

Question: Is Bavaria better than Beneteau?

Answer: Beneteau is way ahead in terms of experience, workforce, and innovation. But Bavaria is better but not enough compared to Beneteau.


So, this was all about the comparison between Jeanneau vs Beneteau. We hope this has the answer to all your queries. So, considering all these, buy your dream boat.

We hope you won’t have to worry about it anymore. Happy sailing!

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