is larson a good boat

Is Larson A Good Boat? Know The Ins And Outs


To spend some time on the water, sailing or fishing is always refreshing. But for that, a good boat is a must-have. A low-quality boat can ruin your whole experience, let alone give you some refreshing vibes. 

It’s really common to have doubts about the brand before buying their boats.

So, is Larson a good boat

Larson boats are good in the sense that they are durable and reliable. They are also easy to maintain and have a great storage area. Larson boats are great for a budget-friendly option. But there are some problems, especially with the older models. Stress cracks are bilge flooding is some of them. 

We know this preview is not enough to make your buying decision. Don’t worry! Because we have prepared a detailed discussion about Larson boats. Just have a little patience and keep reading. 

Is Larson A Good Boat? 

To determine if Larson boats any good, we have to discuss some of their features. Let’s have a look. 

Durability & Warranty

Larson uses fiberglass cutting and advanced technology to make their boats. Which is called VEC or virtual Engineered Composites. It is a computer-controlled automated process that can make hulls that are identical. 

With VEC Larson boat quality is ensured with less than a 1% difference in boat weights. This technology ensures the boat is tougher and more durable. 

In fact, Larson is very confident about this technology. So, they provide a lifetime warranty on their boats. If you consider buying Larson, it’s a plus point. 

It will help you not to worry about the boat too much. Also, a lifetime warranty increases its resale value too. 

Additionally, this technology also ensures less emission of harmful gases while producing the boat. 

Space and Storage Area

Larson boats are designed with large moving spaces.  You can easily go sailing with your family and friends. And you won’t feel congested. 

The storage area of Larson boats is easy to access and very spacious. You can easily keep all your fishing gear there. Most of the Larson boats also come with ski lockers. 

As a whole, Larson makes very family-friendly and convenient boats.

Maintenance & Customer Service 

A good thing about Larson boats is they are very low maintenance. There is no complicated area or device in the boat that needs sensitive care. 

Just taking average care of your boat will be enough. So, you can spend more of your vacation time sailing and not maintaining the boat. 

As Larson boats are made with fiberglass, don’t forget to wax them once in a while. You can find good quality boat wax from here. 

Product Feature
Boat Wax

As we said earlier, Larson provides a lifetime warranty on their boats. So repairing is not an issue. Also, as per the many reviews we’ve gone through, Larson provides excellent customer service. 


Now, you must be thinking, how fast does a Larson boat go? Larson boats provide a good speed too. It varies with the models. Let’s see the speeds of some of the Larson models. 

Model Top Speed Cruising Speed
Larson 274 Cabrio 39 Knot 29 Knot
2007 Larson 180 SE 35.1 mph at 4600 rpm 24.7  mph at 3500 rpm
Larson LSI 212 BR 48.6 mph at 4800 rpm 37 mph at 3750 rpm


The best thing about Larson is, that they provide high-quality boats at a reasonable price. Also, for a lifetime warranty, they have a great resale value. 

If you wanna buy second-hand Larson Senza, you may get them within $30,000. Larson Cabrio 290 can be found between $22,500-$35,000. Larson Cabrio 240 will be found between $20,000 – $50,000. 

Larson 330 is on the higher side. It will cost you between $40,000-$125,000. 

We’ve gathered the prices from different reselling sites. And the price varies with the condition of the boat. 

So, we can say, overall Larson is a good boat. But there are some cons of the Larson boat you should consider. 

What Are The Problems With Larson Boats? 

Although Larson makes good boats, there are some common problems Larson users face. Let’s see some of those. These problems especially happen with the old models

Flooded Bilge

For different reasons such as rough sea waves, rains, or leaks, the bilge can be flooded. Some of the old Larson boat models don’t have a proper damage system. For that reason, the water doesn’t go away easily. 

Excessive bilge water can damage the boat and create other problems. 

However, in the new Larson models, there are efficient pumps. That decreases the flooding problem. You can test the bilge pump of your boat to make sure it’s working alright. 

Hull Stress Cracks

Larson boat hulls are made of single-piece fiberglass. It also has a gel laying to make it more durable. 

However, these kinds of hulls are more like to crack under stress. This is a common issue for most of the boats from different brands too. 

A little crack is fine and easy to fix. But the big cracks in boats can be risky. 

Cracks In Ski Locker Lid

We have seen many complaints about cracking different parts of Larson boats. The lid of the ski lockers often cracks in Larson boats. In that case, the locker becomes useless. 

How to Take Care Of Your Boat? 

Larson boats are really easy to maintain. Still, you have to take care of it to make your boat last longer. Here are some tips on how to take care of the boat. 

  • Always keep some napkins in your boat. wipe the inside of the boat when you see any moisture or water. It will help you avoid water strain on your boat. 
  • Without oiling timely, the boat’s machine can get jammed. Always remember to change the oil timely. 
  • Always beware of mold. Mold can spread really quickly and ruin your boat. Clean your boat with vinegar to get rid of them. 
  • Always check your engine before the voyage. Make sure you never run out of fuel. Also, make sure there is no leaking. 

Sometimes there can be gas in your fuel tank. That can cause weird noise. So, you have to get rid of the air from the fuel tank first. 


What Happened To Larson Boats? 

Larson FX fishing boats were discontinued by Polaris. Because of their other expanding plans. Although their promise to provide a lifetime warranty is always valid. They will provide customer service. Also, they will continue to make spare parts for Larson boats. 

How Often Do You Need To Run A Boat?

To keep your boat in the best condition, run it for a few hours every week. When you don’t run your boat for a long time, the machine tends to get jammed. if you don’t run it often, keep it out of the water. And don’t forget to check everything before running it again. 

How Long Do Fiberglass Boats Last?

If maintained properly, a fiberglass boat can last more than 50 years. This material doesn’t break down by itself neither it rots. You just have to wax it once in a while. Otherwise, it can absorb too much water and get water clogged. 

Final Words

Now, what do you think? is Larson a good boat? We would say, other than some of the drawbacks, it’s actually a good boat. Too bad it’s out of the market now. You can get a second-hand though. 

Always take care of your boat and don’t forget to check everything before a voyage. Stay safe and happy boating!

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