how wide is a boat trailer

How Wide is A Boat Trailer?: Facts to Reveal


Thinking about a boat trailer and confused with the measurements and right width? Well, you can make the measurement right all by yourself. By now, you must know every state has different rules for boat trailers.

So, how wide is a boat trailer?

Since every state has its own rule for boat trailers, you must know the measurements accordingly. A boat below 8.5 feet required no permission. On the other hand, 8.5 feet require special permission. However, your will vary depending on the length of your boat. 

Interested to know more about it? We have a dedicated table to let you know what is the perfect trailer width for different boats.

So let’s jump right into the detailed discussion.

What is A Boat Trailer?

A boat designed intending to ride on the road is called a boat trailer. It is a must to be aware of the regulations and measurements of a boat trailer properly. 

The use of trailered boats on highways required a set of regulations. Which needs to be followed set by the state.

So you should be aware of the rules of the other states as well. What if you have to move with your trailer boat to some other state. And that includes the ideal measurement of the trailer as well.

How to Measure Your Boat Trailer?

You have to be aware of the state’s rules as well as the required measurements according to your boat trailer. So how you would measure the length and width of your boat? 

Let us know in detail right away. 

  • Measuring tape works great for getting the exact measurement of your boat. To measure the trailer length, follow the centerline of the trailer. 

Put the tape at the front centerline and follow it till the end of the trailer centerline. If the length is enough for your boat, you are good to go. 

  • If the measurement is smaller than your boat, then it might hit your car. Now check for the outside of the width of the trailer. 

For that, you can go from one side rail to the other rail.

  • Next, you have to measure the front of the trailer which is the upper part of the trailer. The measurement would determine how further the trailer will go down. 
  • Weight should be a major concern about the trailer of a boat. Make sure you measure it when it is wet. The weight should include the fuel, engine, and equipment of the boat.

Following the mentioned steps, you can easily measure the boat trailer and get the measurement right. 

Boat Trailer Standard Width 

If you ask me what is that one thing you cannot compromise about a trailer is the measurement. You have to maintain an ideal size of the trailer according to the boat length. 

We are providing a size chart of the boat trailer for a single axle bunk and tandem axle bank.

Type of Boat Boat Length Overall Width
14 – 15 feet 5.17 feet
Single Axle Bunk 17 – 18.5 ft 7 feet
20 – 21 feet 8.5 feet
18 – 20 feet 8.5 feet
Tandem Axle Bank 21 – 23 feet 8.5 feet
25 – 27 feet 8.5 feet

Get the help from the chart to determine the preferred width for your boat. We have tried to cover the smallest size of the boat to the highest. And also provided the overall width accordingly. 

You can purchase your necessary tools from the following suggestion box-

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These are one of the best products available on the market. You can go for them without any hesitation. 

Boat Trailer Material

You can also make preferences according to the material of a trailer. Choosing the right one is very important just like at the time of replacing the floorboard. There are a few options available for you. Let us discuss the most familiar ones. 


Aluminum is a familiar material for its lightweight and adaptive capacity in different regions. It might not trouble you with rust but it is prone to corrosion. 

However, it is economic to fuel use due to its lightweight. It is also more appealing to the consumers compared to other materials. 

Galvanizer Steel

Galvanizer steel prevents corrosion well but it is unable to protect from rust. However, it can protect the light wiring setup inside the wiring tube and also the brake line. 

Another fact about galvanized steel is that it is quite heavier than other available materials. So it can carry the load better. 

Boat Trailer Type

The trailer owners have different opinions and preferences for the trailers. And the best part is, they have several options for it. Let us know about different types of trailers. 

Roller Trailer

If you are intending to load your trailer from shallow ramps, then you should get a roller trailer. This type of trailer doesn’t require drowning in the water. Therefore, the chance of getting in touch with the salty water of the gear is very low. 

And thus the salty water and other harmful elements wouldn’t damage your trailer. 

Bunk Trailer

If you are looking for an affordable and comparatively simpler version of a trailer, check the bunk trailers. Since it has a minimal number of parts with a less complicated structure, it is quite low maintenance.

In fact, these types of trailers don’t need extra repairing. You can even go far deeper into the water. This trailer has excellent drive-on capacity.

You might also be curious about how should a boat sit on a trailer.

Impressed by far? There are drawbacks too. When it is running in the deep water, it is prone to damage the engine. 


How wide is a boat usually?

Commonly a regular boat size is around 18-20 feet long. But if we talk about cats, it would be 22-30 feet wide. So the boat slip rental size is determined by the beam of the boat. You must need to measure the dock. It will let you know that your boat is wide enough to be safe from bang. 

How wide should be a boat slip?

An ideal boat slip should be around 60 inches wide. A boat that has a linear pier edge of around 10 feet should have at least 60 inches of opening. However, it is very important to take the measurements seriously regarding boats. That’s how you can avoid any issues while moving to other states.

How a boat should fit in the trailer?

While setting a boat trailer, make sure there is 2 inches gap between the tongue plate cover and keel. The nd of the roller should align with the transom and the bow eye should touch the winch post. And that’s how a proper trailer should fit in.

Final Word

We hope we could provide every detail regarding how wide a boat trailer is? If you are still confused about it, ask for the expert’s help.

And one final tip for you, make sure your boat trailer is getting proper maintenance. Otherwise, it might get damaged even before the desired lifespan. 

We are done for today. Have a good day!

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