how to fold down a bimini top

How To Fold Down A Bimini Top? [A 3 Step Guide]


A hot day can make you exhausted while you’re boating. But a bimini would protect you from the knackering heat of the sun. After you get back to the shore, you need to fold down the bimini top.  Many get confused with it, and that’s why we’ve come forward with the answer!

So, how to fold down a bimini top?

Firstly, you need to fold down the bimini top backward. Then you’ve to wrap up the storage boot. After that, you need to dry up the bimini top completely when you’re done sailing.

You might think you’ve got the idea. But this is just a brief which isn’t enough to complete the task properly! So, keep reading to learn more!

What Happens If You Don’t Fold Down A Bimini Top?

Folding a bimini top might seem quite unimportant. But keeping the bimini top unfolded can create a lot of issues. These issues can eventually damage the bimini top.

We’ve discussed some of the issues here-

Issue 1: Gets Damaged Due To Weather

You keep the bimini top unfolded for your protection and convenience. It protects you from the sun’s heat and the weather just like a keel guard or keel shield protects your boat. But keeping it unfolded after you get back can damage the top due to various weather. 

The wind, rain, or storm can put spots on the bimini top. Moreover, the bimini top might get wet and eventually get torn if the weather turns unusual.

Issue 2:  Gets Dirty

When you keep the bimini top unfolded, it gets dirty quite easily. Because dust can easily get onto it while blowing in the air. 

Too many dust particles congested on it can be harmful to your boat as well. Because it can get into your boat engine which would cause engine starting issues.

How To Fold Down A Bimini Top?

Folding a bimini top often becomes confusing for some people. But it’s actually not that complicated. However, folding down the bimini top wrongly can damage it in no time. 

But we have brought you the easiest guide to folding a bimini top. Follow our steps and you will thank yourself later!

Step 1: Fold The Bimini Top Backward

You simply reverse the procedures just like you unfold the bimini top when needed! However, you must proceed with caution. To begin, unclip the front hold-down straps first. Then fold the top backward. 

But make sure the canvas is wrinkle-free as much as possible. Or else, you might experience Lowrance 3d structure scan problems.

Step 2: Wrap The Storage Boot

Once you’re done folding backward, wrap the storage boot around the Bimini and secure it. So that the curvature of the Bimini matches that of the boot and zip. 

Your Bimini might have rear bracing. In that case, you’ll need to unscrew or remove the quick-release pin. This allows the braces to lay flat for storage.

Wondering what type of screwdriver to use for this? Well, we’ve got a couple of suggestions for you below-

Product 1
Product 2

These are the screwdrivers you can use for multi-purposes. And these products are quite appreciative of their performance. 

Step 3: Dry Up The Bimini Top Properly

You might be trailering your Bimini straight from the water. In that case, make sure to set it up just when you get back to your location. Then let the top dry completely. Don’t keep your bimini top wet anyway. 

Because it might eventually get discolored, damaged, or torn In that case, you need to spend some money to repair your bimini top. In fact, you may need to install a new bimini top as well.

So, we’ve come to the end. And we’ve got proper instructions to follow the steps to fold down a bimini top.


Question: Which one is better between a 3 and 4 bows bimini?

Answer: The 3 bow is the most popular bimini top. Ski boats, v-hull runabouts, and performance boats benefit from this bimini top type. SavvyBoater carries the 4 bow which is the largest bimini top. Larger boats, such as deck boats or pontoons, are allowed to use this.

Question: How fast can the boat go with the bimini top up?

Answer: The rated top speed with a 2, 3, or 4 bow bimini top fully opened is 40 knots. This is around 44 miles per hour. A T-Top bimini, on the other hand, has a rated top speed of 17 knots when fully opened. And this is at a speed of around 20 miles per hour.

Question: Is my bimini top waterproof?

Answer: The same manner that old wooden boats are watertight, traditional cotton canvas is. Bimini tops made of vinyl-coated textiles are a good choice. However, it is not appropriate for enclosures such as sail covers or boat covers. Acrylic canvas, like cotton canvas, is a fabric with a tight weave. So, it depends from one to another.

Question: Can I wash my bimini top in the washing machine?

Answer: Yes, the bimini top may be washed in the washing machine. Wash it on the regular cycle with hot water and Signature Detergent. This would result in the most thorough cleaning. Only wash with similar colors and materials. To the pretreat or wash cycle, add a capful of All-Purpose Bleach Alternative if your bimini top is unclean, dingy, or mildewed.

The Final Words

Now you know how to fold down a bimini top! We tried our best to keep the information as clear as we could.

We hope you find our instructions and information easy and helpful.

We wish you the best with your sailing tasks!

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