how to change mercruiser power trim fluid

How to Change Mercruiser Power Trim Fluid? [Unfolded]


Planning to get newer fluid for your power trim pump? This might not be required until the pump deals with something serious! Water contamination, debris comes into the picture requiring alteration! 

But how can you do the procedure right? Well, we are here to spell that out! 

So, how to change Mercruiser power trim fluid?

Trimming up the outboard motor is the first step before altering Mercruiser power trim fluid. Lift up the motor and utilize motor safety clips. Add fluid once the level hits even. And obviously, keeping flathead screwdrivers, trailer, adjustable hitch, etc., are the most required tools for this.

However, doing procedures right is not everything. You still might require exploring tools, substituting fluids and so many things! Felt ignorant? 

Why are we here then? Let us brief you on every aspect of this topic, shall we?

How to Change Mercruiser Power Trim Fluid

Mercruiser power trim fluid does not need altering typically. We highly suggest you not to go for any alteration indeed.

However, threats such as water contamination or counting debris might force this to happen.

Due to oil issues, you might see Yamaha lower unit problems.

Can you keep this fluid so long for real? Not at all! But going for quick changes, you might remember if it’s 6 months older or not. 

Good quality power trim fluid might suitably stay better up to 6 months in any condition. 

But before you start, fewer tools might be required to execute.

  • Flathead Screwdriver 
  • Trailer 
  • Adjustable Hitch 
  • A Level
  • New Trim Fluid

Manage these all so that things go smoother since we start!

First of all, trimming the motor up is required. And then, put down the motor safe clip.

So, as long as you work on it, the motor will not accidentally slip. However, you might face failure related to trimming up of the motor. 

What should you do then? Simply, dismiss the trim lock first by rotating the manual trim release screw. The port side of the engine mount is where you will find the screw.

Now, it’s high time you should lift the motor using your hands. Finally, use the motor safety clip to seal this up. 

At the same time, lowering the tongue of the trailer plays a vital role. Once you do that, the boat transom might find the level. 

As a result, having an even fluid level will allow adding more fluid to the system.

Technically, from now on, you have the floor to change the Mercruiser power trim fluid.

Meanwhile, why should we avoid ignoring the purchasing of newer fluid? You might get another fresh Mercruiser power trim fluid kit. However, never compromise a few things while buying. 

Trim fluid should combat high operating intimidations. Along with that, resisting rustiness or debris puts an extra benefit to the fluid. If it comes with additives, excellent stability can be settled here. 

Proper maintenance of power tilting and trimming is another factor to focus on!

Glue these into your head!

Factors Behind Changing Mercruiser Power Trim Fluid

We might just miss briefing about other factors in the previous section! 

Got water in the system? Then, go ahead and drag the pump out. In this manner, you can separate the pump from the reservoir.

So, trying to suck out old watery oil might be the initial step. Along with that, check whether any formed globs are there or not. 

Problems tend to arise when water gets into this form in the oil. As a result, negative impacts might meet the screen! Prolly sucked up, right? 

And so, you might see slower movement on the power fluid pump. Meanwhile, your outboard runs rough at low speed for this reason. 

This is what indicates you getting it replaced. Unless water gets into the system from the vented reservoir cap can do worse.

For this, utilizing an aluminum shield can be useful to alleviate the water. However, this fabrication can not be stable in the long run.

Along with that, you might get sealing kits for the rear of the cylinders. Most users complain that building crud up might be the worst scenario. Gradually, this might slow down the system. 

Another threat comes with saltwater contamination. Once you fill-up the reservoir, getting things cleaned and resealed should be your next priority.

Apart from these, let’s get you a short summary! 

In order to alter the older fluid system, observing different things is the key. First of all, check if the sterndrive unit’s oil level is in position. 

In the meantime, the oil level should stay in between the ‘Max’ and ‘Min’ lines. Also, removing the fill cap from the reservoir is necessary. 

Adding here lubricant is a must. As a result, you can bring the level to the bottom of the filler inlet. And finally, refill the reservoir to run again at full speed. 

Substitutes for Mercruiser Power Trim Fluid

Outboard power trim fluid comes with rust protection for your boat engines. However, due to the higher loads and RPMs over time, getting substitutes is required. 

Fluids like automotive oil with SAE 30 or SAE 10W30, ATF might be the ideal pick. 

In the meantime, Dextron Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) is highly acceptable indeed. This fluid type can suit perfectly to hydraulic systems. 

Transmission fluid type F can deliver better results too while substituting Mercruiser power trim fluid.

Besides, SAE5W or SAE10W are always there to serve better. Users who utilize Mercruiser trim pumps have got them suitable. So, these models can be utilized instead of chainsaw oil and sewing machine oil. 

Get the best trim pumps from our recommendation!

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And lastly, never compromise to check your owner’s manual. Many cases show automatic transmission fluid coming with a higher amount of detergent. 

In the long run, it might be a threat to your health and the outboard. So, the more you go by the manual, the better.


What Is The Difference Between Tilting And Trimming?

The key difference between tilt and trim on your boat might refer to the outboard location. It might also indicate different drives of the inboard. Trimming is utilized while underway comes around 20 degrees upper. Meanwhile, tilting of the boat gets through all the way up for storage.

What Can I Utilize Instead of Power Trim Fluid?

Any Dexron-based ATF is good enough and suggested by experts. Typically, GM’s turbo hydramatic line of transmissions formulates the Dexron. However, GM might get run on any transmission fluid in any emergency condition. And, hydraulic oil, power steering fluid, etc., might be required there too. 

Why Will Not My Boat Motor Trim Up?

If your tilting and trimming motor operate during the engine failure, it results in no trimming. Your engine might get unable to raise or lower down. This issue directly indicates an assembly dysfunction of the hydraulic pump. Also, dysfunctioning of the valve body can occur in this situation.

Final Words

Now you know how to change Mercruiser power trim fluid! However, the faster you detect factors behind fluid alteration, the better. 

Hopefully, our discussion might help you in many ways. That’s all for today!

Let us know if you have any queries. We would love to answer those!

Good luck!

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