how to adjust idle on evinrude outboard

How to Adjust Idle on Evinrude Outboard? : In 5 Steps


If you own a boat you know how important it is to adjust the idle speed on Evinrude. It will increase the efficiency of your boat’s motor. 

Sometimes your boat’s motor is not only a source of propulsion but also a trolling motor. In those cases, adjustment is a must. The best part about adjusting idle is the process is very simply done. 

So, how to adjust idle on evinrude outboard?

We will follow 5 simple steps to get done with the adjustment. Firstly, we have to maintain all the prerequisites of safety measures. The next step is adjusting the screw. Thirdly set the idle speed. Insert the needle in the right place and finally make the required adjustments. 

If you want to explore more and got some free time, then bear with us. We have got a whole article regarding it. Just follow the steps accordingly to make your adjustment. 

Let’s get started. 

Equipment List

Here is some basic equipment you will be needing for the adjustment of idle speed Evinrude. 

  • Slotted screwdriver
  • 3/8-inch open-end wrench

Here is a few suggested products to make your adjustment procedures go smoother.

Product Name Order Details Product Picture

The mentioned repair kit is an all-in-one set for adjusting the idle. Evinrude engine outboard. It has all the necessary tools and parts for the process. So you don’t have to worry about anything else while having a set. 

If you are not up for a whole set of instruments, you can also go for a set of screwdrivers. It’s a must for manually adjusting the Evinrude. 

Finally, the wrench set is another must-have for manual adjustment. The engine screw movements are made through the perfect size wrench. So don’t forget to pick the right one.

This equipment not only solves adjustment issues. Using these you can also solve issues like ignition switch problem or throttle cable problems. 

How to Adjust Idle Speed on Evinrude Outboard?: 5 Simple Steps

The adjustment of idle speed on Evinrude is an important part f your boat. The process is crucial but you can pull it off by following simple steps. 

Let us know the easiest steps to follow for adjusting the idle speed on the evinrude outboard. 

Step 1: Disconnect the Battery’s Negative Terminal

At first disconnect the battery’s negative terminal. This step is very important for safety purposes. Also, don’t forget to verify the throttle. It should be in a neutral position. 

Cap off the cover of the engine. 

Step 2: Unscrew the Adjustment Screw for Idle Speed 

Just right above your carburetor, there is your adjustment screw. Gently unscrew the screw counterclockwise to slow down the idle and clockwise to increase speed. 

Then examine the needle. It is very important to treat the needle gently.

Step 3: Get the Placement Perfectly

You can mark the needle to the optimum point to get the perfect placement. Too much tightening would damage the needle. Now figure out the screw retainer. 

Before entering the needle make sure the screw retainer is in good shape and condition.

Step 4: Insert the Needle

If it is in good condition, start inserting it in. To get that perfect setting, follow the mark you have made on the needle. Thus you won’t damage the needle. 

Step 5: Turn the Needle Backward & Verify the Required Speed

After setting the needle perfectly in the place we would turn it backward. We would turn backward a turn and a half. Next, we will start the engine to make the final adjustments.

After turning the engine on, you will get to verify the speed adjustment that you wanted.  

However, an idle Evinrude setting is not the only concern for a boat owner. There might be issues in the tachometer or fuel tank as well.

Some Issues & Fix to Outboard Engine

Apart from issues due to improper speed on Evinrude, there might be other issues with the engine. Here are some common issues discussed in the following one might face with an outboard engine.

Engine Shutting Down Automatically

The reason for this to happen is mostly for the cheap fittings. Cheap barbs and wiring can also cause the same. Also over time and reuse of the engine, the barbs or fuel lines can have leaks. Thus, there is an overflow of air in the engine. 

Quick Fix

Seal the leaks at the barbs or fitting lines. If you don’t find any visible leak, then squeeze the ball again and again. Try to find out where the air is passing through. Once you are done with sealing the leak then you can go for fixation. 

You can fix it by cutting a section of a fuel line. also by re-attaching the barbs. Or maybe replacing the hose clamps. 

Engine Cranks

There are quite a few seasons for this to happen. Mostly it causes if the emergency cut-off switch goes bad. It behaves exactly like the lanyard clip has been pulled off. 

For this issue, the engine refrained from firing. The most threatening issue is sometimes the water can pull onto the switch. So there is a chance of the switch getting damaged. 

Quick Fix

You should disable the emergency killing switch. Just search for the black-yellow stripped wire in the wiring panel. Disable the wire. You might see the engine firing again after that. 


What Should be The Oil Ratio for an Outboard Motor?

The oil ratio for the outboard motors has always been standard. Since 1964 the ratio is standard and fixed. The fuel ratio is 50/1. Before that date, the ratio was around 32/1. There were few motors built before 1955. Those required a 16/1 ratio. 

Why it is Important to Adjust Idle on Evinrude Outboard?

It is important to adjust the idle on the evinrude outboard. Because it increases the efficiency of the motor. Also, it is very important to have control over the speed limit on the water. When you are adjusting the speed, that means you are making sure the speed limit is under control. Thus you won’t waste your valuable fuel.

What Happens if The outboard Idle is High?

There are a few cons of being the idle high. It usually causes too much air entering on the engine side. This extra air excess neutrals the fuel efficiency. In some cases, it causes more fuel consumption. 

Final Words

We hope, you have got the overall idea of How to Adjust Idle on Evinrude Outboard. For a boar owner, this is really important to know every aspect of the process. 

One pro tip for you, in terms of the screw, a little movement does a lot. After the adjustment, you have to check by turning on the engine. The screw set should not be over or below. Because that would cause grinding of the gear. 

That is it for today. Be safe in the water!

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