boat trailer bow stop setup

Boat Trailer Bow Stop Setup[2 Steps!]


Being the captain of your boat means ensuring its safety as well. Especially when you have to drag it home by a trailer. 

Because the boat can move and hit something during the process. And the bow stop is here to stop that, And we are here to show you how you can set it up. 

So, confused about the boat trailer bow stop setup? 

The setup is quite easy. There are no hassles and you can do it in just two steps. All you’ll need is a drill machine, wrench, and a few bolts. With these two you can get the perfect setup! You also find a do-it-yourself bow stop in this article. We’ve also shown you how to attach a boat latch. 

What are you waiting for? Indulge yourself in this article to get that bow stop setup! 

2 Steps to Install a Boat Trailer Bow Stop 

Bow stops are very important for the safety of the boat. Hence we will show how to install a boat trailer bow stop roller down below. 

Step 1: Removing Bow Stop 

The first thing you should do is remove the narrow old bow stop. To have easier access, move the boat back a bit. With the boat out of the way. Remove the one bolt that holds your existing bow stop in place. 

Step 2: Setting Up the New Bow Stop 

Before setting the bow stop make sure the boat’s placed properly on the trailer.

Now, you should have enough shims to space you out. Which will help to fit into a space of four and a half inches which is 115 mm. Make sure to choose the appropriate shims.

After choosing, put them in place and slide your bolt through. Slide the bolt through. Then rotate your bow stop approximately in the correct orientation to match the boat. 

Once you have done this you can tighten the nut up.  Now, bring the boat forward against the bow stop. This will help set the bow stop in the correct position and square against the boat. 

With the bow stop set at the correct angle, it’s now time to drill some holes. These holes are for the secondary locking bolt and boat trailer winch post setup. You can also install a marine winch

Now, you have a choice of four holes. Choose the hole that best lines up with your mounting frame. In this case, it is the top one of the four holes. 

Then drill through there. Drilling will be easy if you have a spare shim to work out your location. Then line it up and then mark it up with the drill. 

After marking it, use a pilot drill to drill right through there. With a small hole drill it through the main drill. After this, you can fit your bolt straight through. 

Fit the bolt through from the inside out. This keeps the smaller head on the inside where the winch strap needs to go. Tighten both nuts until they are super tight. 

Shorten the excess length of your bolt using a handsaw or your power saw. Be sure to remove all those of the stem of the bolt. Then touch up the bare metal with paint. 

You can use a spray can to quickly touch up the bare metal. The width of the boat trailer is also important to keep your boat from getting damaged. 

Benefits of a Bow Stop 

A bow stop helps to prevent the boat from overshooting. Overshooting occurs when you drag the boat out of the water. And the only way to bring it out is by attaching it to the car. 

The bow stop helps to provide just a little bit of support or cushion in the front. Because when towing the boat down the road the front could get damaged. This way it’s not getting jostled around and hitting any metal or anything like that. 

It stays there to help keep everything riding nice and smooth. So, you must have the correct bow stop for your trailer. And we’ve got you covered below. 


These bow stops will stop your boat!  

DIY Bow Stop Out of a PVC Pipe

The first step is to cut the PVC pipe and attach it in the shape of a winch. The pipe which will be facing the front of the boat has to be notched. This will help to zip tie the rubber boat trailer bow rest on top of it. 

The pipe facing the front will have a hole just below the notch. Insert a zip tie through it and tie the bow stop on top of the notch. 

Now for the bottom of the mounting frame. There is a front fitting and a back fitting. The back fitting will be shaped like a “T”. Grond the bottom of the T-shaped fitting with a bench grinder. 

This way the T sits flush onto the trailer. And the front fitting has to be at a 45-degree angle. Use a couple of circle clamps to hold the T-shaped fitting at the back. 

Use a three-by-seven-inch U-bolt to hold the front fitting in place of the bow stop. This will make the bow stop super sturdy.  

Installing a Boat Latch

A boat latch is just as handy as a bow stop. The first step of this installation of the boat trailer automatic bow latch is to remove the bow stop. Remove the existing bolt from the boat latch. 

Then mount the boat latch in the place below where the stop was. Some latches don’t come with washers. So, if you are planning on installing at the lake, bring some washers with you. 

Also, make sure this latch is an exact fit for the trailer. On the back side put two washers on each side and flatter nuts on the side. Tighten the latch down to a point where you can move it but it’s tight enough. 

Adjust the latch with the angle of your boat. Now, we’ll attach the bow stop back into its place. Attach the handles with one bolt through the square and another bolt from the other side. 

And then we’ll put the nut on them to tighten them down. Next, mount the handle in a stud on the winch. There’s a spacer that we’ll put on the stud first and then put the handle on. 

The handle can be adjusted any way you desire. After getting it on there insert the pin to hold the handle. 


Given below are some questions you could relate to!-

What should the distance between boat rollers be? 

The boat rollers should be spaced out between 1100mm and 1200mm. 

How is a bow anchor roller chosen? 

The anchor roller should be chosen depending on the size and style of the anchor. 

What are anchor rollers used for? 

With the use of anchor rollers, dropping and weighing anchors may be done more easily and without jarring your topsides.


By now a boat trailer bow stop setup should be easy for you. It’s a simple two-step process that can give you the sturdiest bow stop. Make sure all the bolts are properly tightened! 

Or else the bow stop will come loose during a drive. Happy sailing!

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