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Best Screws for Aluminum Boat: Compare the Top 5 Screws


Screws are one of the important parts of an Aluminum boat. For a compact and sturdy boat, the use of the best screws is a must.

But choosing the best screws for Aluminum boat is not an easy task. There are several models of screws available on the market. All these choices can easily confuse you.

Your precious boat can suffer if you make the wrong choice. So carefulness in the choosing process is very necessary. I am here to help you with this work. I have reviewed the best 5 screws on the market here.

Stay with me to get a clear idea of boat screws. You will be wise enough to make your decision at the end of my discussion. So without wasting any more time let’s get started!

Comparison Table

Product Overview 

The first product on our list is the 8 x 3/4″ Phillips Modified Truss Head. This is a very popular screw used for Aluminum. The specifications of this screw have made it very useful. It is equally usable on stainless steel, Aluminum, and sheet metal. 

Let’s check out different aspects of the screw. The first thing that comes to our mind while talking about screws is their build material. Build material is an extremely important factor. The performance and lifetime of the screw depend on it. 

Phillips Modified Truss Head is very progressive in this aspect. The manufacturers have used Zinc-Plated Steel for this purpose. Zinc-plated steel is stronger and more durable than normal screws. It is also very resistant to rust. 

The stability and impact resistance of the screw is also high because of this. The alloy of zinc and steel can last for 50 years. So these screws are also very long-lasting. The 8 x 3/4″ Phillips Modified Truss Head screws are also self-drilling. 

There are many benefits of self-drilling screws. The use of drill bits is unnecessary if self-drilling screws are used. Because these screws can tap their holes. So you don’t have to make a drilled hole before tapping in the screw. 

The head of this screw is designed by following the modified truss style. In this style, the screw has an oversized head. The bearing surface of Modified Truss Head screws is also more. As a result, the possibility of damaging the surface reduces. 

Also, there will be a decrease in hooking and scratching skin by this type of head. Overall Phillips Modified Truss Head screws are very convenient to use. The pressure gets evenly distributed all over the screw. 

So thin Aluminum parts of the boat will be completely safe. The dimension of the screw will also match the Aluminum boat. It consists of fastener size no. 8, which means a diameter of 0.164 inches. It is 0.75 inches long and perfect for installation.


  • Very easy to use.
  • These screws are completely valued for money. 
  • Screws are installed in a short time.
  • Does not rust.
  • Visual representation is excellent. 


  • Only 1-inch sizes are available. 

Product Overview 

The next product on the list is the HILLMAN 35263 Hex Screw. It is also a great choice for screwing on Aluminum panels. This screw is made from a steel alloy. There are many benefits of this material. Let’s have a look at those.

Alloy elements have improved characteristics than pure elements. The HILLMAN screws are no exception to this. These are stronger and have higher strengths. Also, the screws are resistant to rust. Despite all these benefits, these screws don’t cost much. 

100 pieces of HILLMAN screws cost only $7. This is a very good deal considering the advantages. There are also many other positive aspects present in the screws. They are built with aggressive threads. 

The aggressive threads have excellent holding capability. This type of thread gets attached very tightly to the spike. As a result, the connection becomes very strong and tough to break. Moreover, pre-drilling is also unnecessary as they are self-piercing. 

The manufacturers increased the protection of this screw by adding zinc plating to it. An additional layer of zinc will enhance the lifespan of the screw by folds. 

The durability of HILLMAN screws is unmatchable. The screws are also fully threaded. That means it will go all the way in the slot. So the Aluminum parts of your boat will have a strong bond when screwed together. The head of this screw contains a hex style.

The hex head gives the screw more torque. This torque is greater than normal screws. However, hex-headed screws can not be inserted by using normal screwdrivers. You will need a combination of ratchet and socket to serve this purpose. 

The fastener size of the HILLMAN screw is #7. That means a diameter of .1429 inches. This screw originated in China. The cutting diameter is 7 mm. This will be efficient for your Aluminum boat. 


  • These screws save time and effort.
  • They have a long lifetime. 
  • The HILLMAN screws are easy to install.


  • The white paint on the screw sometimes doesn’t match the background.

Product Overview 

The third product is the Hitachi 410 Flat Head Screws. Just like the previous two screws, these are also self-drilling. You will be able to install them easily in your boat. No drill machine will be needed for the job. 

The Hilitchi screws are made from stainless steel. So they are very durable. The appearance of the screws will be very pleasing because of this material. Also, stainless steel is resistant to corrosion. So the screws will last longer in your boat.

The number of Hilitchi screws in a packet is 240. It also comes in a storage unit. The storage case is made of plastic. But it looks very rugged. The case is also reusable. So you don’t have to think much about storing the screws. It can be resealed too.

The head of the screw is made in wafer style. Wafer’s heads are very suitable for roof works and woodworks. It is also very useful in sheet metal works. So the Hilitchi screws with wafer heads will work well with the Aluminum panels. You can easily use them.

There is also another benefit of wafer heads. They can be installed with very less effort using a glue gun. The package comes with 6 different-sized screws. Hence you will not face any trouble in selecting the correct screw for your job.

The Hilitchi screw is not fully threaded. The right-hand style has been used in the threading. The fastener size is #8. So the diameter of the screw is 0.164 inches. The Hilitchi screws will not disappoint you with all their features.


  • Six different sizes are beneficial for versatile works
  • The screw case works fine in preserving the screws.
  • The strength and durability of the screws are unquestionable. 


  • Sometimes the pre-drilling mechanism fails.

Product Overview

The next product that I have is the Power Pro 48594 Wood Screws. It is a very premium screw. In work and appearance, this screw is more special than the others. It is made of alloy steel with a layer of epoxy coating. 

The finishing of this screw has been done in bronze. Because of the use of alloy steel, the Power Pro screws are full of strength. Alloy steel itself is a very strong material. Steel is a very popular material. It is both rust-proof and durable. 

The bronze finish has added another dimension to the screw. The screw becomes nonmagnetic and non-sparking because of this. These screws will easily last for a long time. The epoxy coating on the screws is also highly significant. 

The epoxy coating adheres to the screw despite obstacles. So the screw does not get damaged due to the wet environment. The corrosion and decaying of the screws are also reduced. The manufacturers did an excellent job in maintaining the quality.

The Power Pro screws consist of flatheads. For this reason, they are also known as Countersunk screws. The flat heads get almost inside the surface. A very little portion of the screw sticks outside. Thus the screw sinks into the surface. 

Because of the high protection system, Power Pro screws are very efficient for outdoor work. They don’t get affected by the environment too soon. So they can hold pieces for a long time. Power Pro screws are a very good choice for Aluminum boats.

The fastener size of Power Pro screws is #8. It has partial threading on the body. The manufacturer of the Power Pro screws, The Hillman Group is situated in the USA. These screws come in a pack of 242 pieces. The weight of the package is 1 pound.


  • Can withstand wet environment without any trouble 
  • The screw can be hidden within the surface.
  • Works very well on the wood surfaces.


  • Pre-drilling is needed for this screw.

Product Overview 

The last product I am going to discuss is the 8 x 3/4″ Stainless Hex Screws 410. This is a self-tapping stainless screw. The screw has a head made in Hex style. These screws are branded as Bolt Droppers screws. 

Let’s have a look at the advantages of this screw. The manufacturers have confirmed that there is no extra coating on the screws. But they have branded this factor as a plus point of the screws. 

According to them, the Bolt Droppers screws don’t need an extra coating for their strength. The quality of the stainless steel used is very high. It possesses all the positive aspects of steel. The screws are highly resistant to rust. 

These screws can also handle adverse environments without any trouble. The 8 x 3/4″ Stainless Hex Screws 410 screws are also long-lasting. The steel used in the screws is extremely strong against corrosion. So they have a very long lifetime. 

The self-tapping feature of the screw is another attractive factor. This feature saves your time. Also, the working process becomes very short and easy. The screws can be installed without a professional. And there is very little chance of making mistakes.

The head is made in Hex style. So you will need ratchets and socket combinations to install them. However, hex head screws get more torque because of their head style. You can use them in any of your projects without any hassle and tension. 

The Bolt Droppers are very confident in their screws. So they provide a lifetime guarantee with them. They have labeled this guarantee as No Hassle Lifetime Guarantee. Hopefully, you will not need to claim for it.


  • Long lifetime despite the adverse environment.
  • It can be installed without a Drill Machine. 
  • Very less effort and time are needed to install them.


  • Only 1-inch screws are available. So they might be short for your work.


Buying Guide 

In the above sections I have discussed the best five screws for you. Yet you might be confused about choosing the right one. To help you more, I have prepared a buying guide. This guide will remove all of your doubts. Have a look at it.


The most important thing about the screws is the material used to make them. The importance of strong screws is immense. Strong screws will last longer and ensure more safety. And only high-quality materials will provide such strength. 

So make sure that the screw you’re getting is made of top-notch material. The high-quality screws are costlier. But they will be very beneficial in the long run.


After material the coating of the screws is very significant. In olden times screws did not have any extra coatings. But the situation has changed now. The coatings offer an extra layer of protection. The screws become more resistant to corrosion because of it. 

But the coating must be given by any high-quality material. Only then the purpose of the coating will be served. Zinc coating is a perfect choice for screws.

Head Style 

The head style determines the appearance of the screw. Also, the load-bearing capacity of the screw depends on it. The ease of installation varies with head styles too. And for better appearance, you must select the correct head style. 

Self Tapping or Not

Self Tapping screws are very popular nowadays. They save time and labor. The use of a drill machine can be avoided by using self-tapping screws. To check if your desired screw comes with this feature or not.

Threads & Dimensions

These are two factors related to the measurement of the screw. There are different styles and lengths of threads on the screw. So check on them properly. Also, the dimensions of the screw must match your project. Or else they won’t do their job.

This was all on the buying guide for the best screws for your Aluminum boat. Now you have to make your decision based on these points.


Question: Can you screw into an Aluminum boat?

Answer:  Yes, you can screw it into an Aluminium boat. Screwing is often necessary for aluminum boats. And you can do that without any hesitation. And for serving this purpose, the self-tapping screws are the best choice. 

Question: Can I use brass screws with an Aluminum boat?

Answer:  Yes, you can use brass screws with an Aluminum boat. But brass is a very corrosive material. It will get damaged in the water. Cover the brass screws with layers of heavy coating for protection.

Question: What is marine-grade quality hardware?

Answer: Marine-grade quality hardware is a standard of hardware. If any hardware falls in this grade it has some specialties. The hardware can endure wet environments. Even water won’t damage them easily.


This is all I have on the best screws for an Aluminum boat. I think that now you can make your decision without any hesitation. 

All the best!

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