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Best Prop For Suzuki DF115: Keeps Outboard Well-maintained


If someone randomly asks you what can enhance your overall boat performance? Pretty sure your answer will be the propeller. 

Yes, the importance of a propeller for any outboard motor is too significant. It has blades that displace water and helps the boat to move forward. 

The same thing goes for Suzuki outboards as well, obviously. A propeller that perfectly matches it will make your whole sailing experience much easier.

Therefore, smooth sailing depends on the propeller efficiency even. That’s the reason why every sailing expert looks for the best prop for Suzuki DF115.

But choosing the finest one isn’t an easy task obviously. It requires time and research. Hence, we tried to ease your frustration by analyzing the prop market for you. 

We went through at least 50 products and researched for more than two weeks. After this long process, we handpicked some of the best props that caught our attention. 

These products have some unique features that will ensure a good sailing experience. Moreover, we added the buying factors that you must know. 

By the end of this read, you’ll get a proper idea about props for your Suzuki DF115. So, stick with us to get some researched information and insights about this. 

Comparison Table

Product Overview

So, let us start with our most favorite product. It’s the POLASTORM Aluminum Cupped Propeller. As you can see from the name it’s an aluminum-made prop that perfectly fits in a Suzuki DF115. 

You must be eagerly waiting to know why this is the first product on our list. We are all ready to answer this. So, let’s get started-

Firstly, this prop comes with a split pin and is very easy to install. Therefore, it decreases the hassle of going through a tough installation process. 

Moreover, its strength and durability are really praiseworthy. This prop is made in a technique called aerospace casting technology. This is a revolutionary method of making marine aluminum propellers. 

It gives the prop much power and strength. So it can replace the water with added power and accelerate at a better speed. 

Added to this it has a boasting hybrid casting of strontium, aluminum, and titanium. Do you know how it helps the propeller? 

Well, this makes the propeller much stronger than the typical props made in the die casting method. So obviously, this feature makes it superior to a lot of others. 

Next up we want to spill some facts about the anti-corrosion coating. The most amazing thing about it is the environment’s friendliness. It makes the product an environmentally safe one which just adds some extra points to its scoreboard. 

Now it’s time to talk about the most important thing- the performance. If we become honest, it’s top-notch at providing the best performance. 

This prop is made based on OEM blade geometry. It’s designed with the appropriate cupping and has camber added to it. As a result, it’ll provide you excellent bow lift and acceleration. 

On top of this, it has reduced slip, increased top speed and bite. We’re quite sure you’ll find this prop extremely useful for your long sailing missions.

And this product is extremely budget-friendly, so investing in this will be wise. But before picking it make sure it’s compatible with your outboard. Otherwise, it won’t fit and cause you a hassle. 


  • Boasting hybrid casting makes it stronger 
  • Strength and durability is top-notch 
  • OEM blade geometry increases acceleration and top speed
  • Reduces slip and increased bite 
  • Environmentally safe coating 


  • The overall product quality can be improved a bit   

Product Overview 

The second product that will perfectly fit into your Suzuki DF115 is the ARKDOZA Aluminum Outboard Propeller. It’s a right-hand rotating aluminum-made prop. 

But wanna know why it is our favorite? 

The first reason is its superior quality aluminum which makes the prop durable. Moreover, this prop is absolutely perfect for outboards. So you can pick it up for your Suzuki DF115 without worrying. 

Another reason why we prefer this product so much is because it has a large range of available sizes. This makes it an excellent choice for any sailor. 

Now, we will be focusing on its thoughtful design. Apart from the superior material quality, it has improved blades. 

These 3 blades are made in a way that makes them able to balance perfectly between vibration and efficiency. So the performance quality is simply topnotch as you can see. 

Moreover, the diameter and pitch, cups, and rakes are very nicely designed and combined together. Therefore, it’s quite good at providing satisfactory top speed and acceleration. 


  • Superior material quality 
  • Perfectly fits in Suzuki DF115 
  • Large range of available prop sizes
  • Improved blade design 
  • Balances vibration and efficiency effectively


  • The overall propeller quality can be improved

Product Overview 

We are almost done with half of our products already. Quite amazing, right? 

So, our third product is from the famous prop brand Solus. The product name is Solas Aluminum Prop which fits nicely in the Suzuki outboard. Even a good companion for Suzuki DF115. 

The first thing that we want to highlight is its good quality material. It’s made of strong aluminum which provides pleasing durability. This prop has three thin and fine-quality blades.

As we all know finer and thinner blades ensure a smooth, fast and efficient ride. Therefore, this prop is just perfect in this regard. Moreover, the 4 layer painting coat makes the prop even more durable and strong. 

Also, this product is very easy to install. So you don’t have the extra hassle of installing it. On top of that, it has excellent gripping force. This is something sailors look for. 

So, you can consider this product for your Suzuki DF115 outboard if its features suit you. 

But our research said you must think about your needs. And, whether this product can perform well under those circumstances, or not. If it all matches, don’t waste time and get your prop, buddy. 


  • Material quality is admirable
  • Thinner blades ensure efficiency
  • Coated with 4 paint layers that increase strength 
  • Excellent gripping force 


  • The propeller performance should be emphasized  

Product Overview

We are near the end. It’s time to introduce our second last product which is the ARKDOZA Stainless Steel Propeller. Yeah, we have got two products from the same brand. 

You must be thinking that we are partial to them. But in our defense, these two products are hugely different in their features. And most importantly, they made their place on the list because they are outstanding in their service. 

This product stands out from all the other products we have on our list. But how?

Well, it’s made of stainless steel whereas all the other props on our list are made of aluminum. So, naturally, this product is much stronger than the others. 

Moreover, stainless steel props are good for any type of outboard design. This is also a right-hand rotating prop which is very easy to install. The cherry on the top, it’s even easier to maintain. 

Apart from the satisfying durability and immense strength it also provides a good service. It reduces the chances of wearing and tearing which cuts off the maintenance cost. 

So, you can see it’s an economic product. Besides, its fuel efficiency just adds to this point even more. Therefore, it can be a fine pick for anyone looking for a quality prop within their budget. 

Let’s move forward with the overall quality issue. So the blades and cups are made with the utmost care. Moreover, the high polished treatment makes the outlook very pleasant. 

Again this product is made under strict quality control. So it can increase the top speed and acceleration pretty effectively. Hence, you need not worry about its service. 


  • Great quality control
  • Satisfactory top speed and acceleration 
  • Budget-friendly
  • Strong and Durable 
  • Easy to install and maintain 


  • Some might find this product design not very satisfactory

Product Overview 

Time to introduce our last product which is from Rason Aluminum. This is another good-quality aluminum-made prop. It’s also compatible with the Suzuki DF115 outboard. 

Just like all the other aluminum products we have talked about, it’s also much stronger than regular aluminum props. Like the other ones, it also has a hybrid casting of various materials like aluminum, strontium, and titanium.

This makes the product even more durable. So you can use it for quite a time, so yeah a good investment indeed. 

Moreover, the coating that has been used on it is anti-corrosive. Do you have any idea why this is so necessary? 

Marine engine propellers get affected by water and minerals very easily. Therefore, this feature will help you big time. It will save your prop from getting corrosion. Thus the life span increases.

Oh, another important point that we missed out on. This coating layer is environmentally safe. Now you know this product might be the last one on our list but it’s every bit worth the investment. 

Lastly, the performance of this product is also very important for you to know before picking it up. So let us elaborate a bit on this. 

To be honest, this product is designed in a very wise way. It has perfectly shaped and perfectly placed cups and rakes. Therefore, it can provide you with a good quality top speed and acceleration. 

It can reduce slipping rates as well. This indicates its efficiency. Moreover, it can increase bite too. So the product is actually a pack of several excellent features. Therefore, you can consider it seriously for your Suzuki DF115.  


  • Strong and superior quality material
  • Reduces slipping tendencies  
  • Environmentally safe coating
  • Excellent design and performance


  • Some people find the installation process a bit hectic  

Buying Guide

We are already done with the product part. Now we all know about the unique features of the listed products. But as a sailor, you need to know more about props. 

Do you know what you should know about the props most importantly? 

Well, as we have researched the market very extensively, we think knowing the buying factors is very crucial. Therefore, we added the factors to consider before buying prop here. 

Let’s check this out then-


The first thing to consider before choosing a prop for your Suzuki DF115 is the material. Can you guess the reason? 

Because the material kind of determines the props strength. Aluminum props offer quite a number of sizes. Moreover, they are easy to install and maintain.

Most importantly, these props are widely available so they are easy to replace as well. But stainless steel props are tough and durable. They’re aggressively designed and can absorb shock. 

So, you must know what your preference is. If you prioritize top speed over durability then you can go for an aluminum one. However, stainless steel props can provide you a long time of service.   

Propeller Size

Propeller size mainly includes the diameter and the pitch of your propeller. Wanna know why is it so important? 

Well, if you want to calculate the efficiency of your prop, you must know its size. Moreover, having a proper understanding of the propeller size will help you to choose the right size for your gearcase. 

Lower pitch accelerates faster whereas the higher pitches have a slower acceleration. But at the same time, lower pitches have a lower top-end speed. So you have to know about it in detail to choose the right one for you. 

Diameter and pitch also have some effects on the propeller speed and acceleration. So, knowing about it will help you in various ways. 

Cup & Rake 

Before discussing why you should consider cup and rake, let’s give you some ideas about it. So what is meant by the cup and rake of the propeller?

So, cup refers to the trailing edge of the propeller blade. This is basically the extended area of the blade tip. On the other hand, a rake indicates a degree of angle. 

But which angle? 

The angle that the propeller blades are mounted to the “barrel” of the propeller. 

Logically a question arises that how are these things going to help you? 

So, a cup is great for reducing slip. Moreover, it’s great at ventilating the propeller. Besides, the cup can be used to trim bow lift as well. 

Now time to talk about the importance of rake. High rake propellers can produce more thrust. Therefore, it can lift the bow of the boat more effectively. High rake designs are also great at prolonging the boat operation. 


Another very important point that we often miss out on. Anyone can easily understand why considering durability is important.

It’s really necessary to pick a product that’ll make your investment worth it. Therefore, you must check the durability of the prop before finalizing it. 

If you invest in a prop that has higher durability, that’ll last long. Eventually, your investment will give you service for a longer period of time. 

On the flip side, choosing a less durable product will cut your budget for replacement and repairing purposes. Therefore, checking the durability of the prop is quite necessary.


Question: Is 1000 hours on a boat a lot?

Answer: The number of hours a marine engine can run depends on its maintenance. In most cases, they run just fine up to the first 1000 hours. After this running time, at times they start to show some signs of problems. 

Question: What are the advantages of an outboard motor?

Answer: Outboards are much easier to maintain. They require a little amount in this regard. Yet they’re more accessible than inboards. Moreover, they don’t need to be winterized. 

Question: What is the average life of an outboard motor? 

Answer: An outboard motor will run about 1500 hours. It equals 7 to 8 years. But this is just a general assumption. The numbers will vary depending on your maintenance and use. 

Question: Is it bad to run an outboard engine at full throttle?

Answer: Obviously not. You can run your outboard engine at full throttle if you want to. Modern engines are designed to run at wide-open throttle. But during break-in going to wide-open throttle, pistons’ rings are properly seated.  

Question: Which is better a 3 or 4 blade prop?

Answer: Actually, the answer depends on your preference. 3 blades propellers are good for top speed performance. It’s good at enhancing the thrust. But four blades are good for accelerating. Even when it’s stern heavy, it provides more lift at the stern. 

Final Words 

Finally, we are done. It was quite a long read packed with information. Hope this leads you to the best prop for Suzuki DF115

The best prop combined with your reliable Suzuki outboard will make your sailing experience a remarkable one. Our best wishes are with you. 

Stay safe and enjoy to the fullest. Nothing excites a sailor more than a fishing mission full of thrills. Happy sailing and fishing.

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