adding center log to pontoon boat

What is the Process of Adding Center Log to Pontoon Boats?


Sometimes our boat carries too much weight. Which essentially reduces the buoyancy of the boat. As a result, it faces difficulty in floating in the water. In cases like this, additional buoyancy makes the boat float properly again which essentially results in a smoother sailing. 

Hence, adding a center log to the pontoon boat gives that buoyancy that the boat needs. Therefore, you will achieve the desired floatability of the boat. 

But the crucial query is: What is the procedure of adding center log to pontoon boat?

To install a center log to the pontoon boat, you will need the log kit first. Ensure that the turning radius of the kit is similar to your boat. Then you must adhere to a few straightforward instructions. And your log will be installed. Finally, you will just need to do a speed test and your log installation process will be done. 

Looks like the answer you have been seeking for? The method described above is only a quick overview of the complete process. We have provided you with a thorough description of this inquiry.

So, what are you waiting for? Hop in and join us in the world of boat rebuilding. 

Can You Add a Center Log to Your Pontoon Boats 

In simple words, yes, you can add a center log to your boat. At times, the pontoon boat might face some buoyancy issues. Which essentially will make the boat garder float. 

Numerous factors may contribute to this buoyancy. One of the primary ones can be the weight distribution. If the weight distribution is done correctly, then the boat might face this issue. 

Also, wear and tear and putting on too much weight can also cause this issue. 

So, to mitigate this issue, another log is usually added. The log provides more buoyancy to the boat. 

Therefore, floating becomes much easier for the boat. Also, it can carry more weight than normal times. 

Hence, the boat riding experience becomes much smoother. 

The Installation Process of the Pontoon Kit 

Before we proceed any further, you will need a pontoon kit first. There are a few crucial actions you must do after receiving the pontoon kit. Those being; 

Step 1: Setting up the Railing 

To install the pontoon, you will need to step up the railing first. The pontoon kit comes with two large railings. These railings attach to your cross beams underneath your pontoon. 

To attach them to your cross beams, with a drill machine, holes must be drilled.Then, use bolts to attach it permanently. They will hold your pontoon to your boats. Essentially having a better installation. 

Step 2: Adding the Pontoon or Log 

In the pontoon kit, the pontoon comes in three different pieces. You will need to add them like a puzzle and get them together. The three pieces are the three different sections. Those are the front stop, the backstop, and the middle stop. 

Depending on the manufacturer, the middle stop may also include two sections. The pontoon needs to be slid inside the bolted railing. 

Make sure that you maintain the proper sequence while sliding them in. if you are installing from the back of your boat, then the front top goes first. And if you are installing from the front, then the backstop goes first. 

We offer some suggestions for you if you’re looking for a pontoon kit. The experts test these. So, they are very reliable. 

Product 1 
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These are some of the very good pontoon kits you will find in the market. Additionally, they are less costly than some other pricy pontoon kit options. In essence, this makes them the finest purchase you can make.

If you fail to maintain the sequence, then the boat will be severely unbalanced. And you will have the most brutal times controlling that boat. 

Step 3: Cover the Railing 

Finally, the gap between both railings needs to be covered with a plate. Both ends of the process must be completed. So that the pontoon does not slide out of the boat. the plates usually come with the pontoon kit as well. 

But if you are having doubts and want to use a different material you can buy additional plates too. 

And there you go. Your additional pontoon is done installing. It’s super easy and not too much of a hassle. On average, it should take you no more than three hours to install it by yourself. So, it is not time-consuming as well. 

Benefits of Installing a Log to Pontoon Boats 

Now, let’s get to know what are the benefits of installing a log to your pontoon boat. 


As we have mentioned earlier, this is one of the primary reasons behind installing an additional pontoon. The pontoon makes the weight distribution a lot more stable. Therefore, the boat glides through the water well. 

Also, it allows you to put more weight on the boat. And reduces the chances of it drowning. Therefore, it provides safety as well. 

Plane control 

If you have a pontoon boat with high speed then you might have a plane with it.  An additional pontoon makes it easier to get into the plane. In general cases, pontoon planes are harder to get in. 

An additional pontoon makes the process a lot easier. 

Turning Radius 

Turning radius is how much space the boat takes in order to turn. The third benefit of adding a log or pontoon is, that it decreases the turning radius of a boat. 

Therefore, the boat can turn at a much more acute angle than it could before. To do this, the steering wheel needs to be oiled frequently

In narrow spaces, this aspect is really beneficial. Sometimes, the boat has to go through narrow spaces where there is an opportunity of it getting stuck. 

So, having an acute turning radius can save the boat from this problem at times. 

Adding another log to your boat has a ton of additional advantages. But they are some of the most important and conspicuous.


How do I make my pontoon more stable? 

There is a method to keep your pontoons more stable without having it slowed down in rough waters. Trimming up means doing so right before you reach the wave. This usually lifts the boat’s bow more. Therefore, the tube also rides high. Enabling a smoother transition of the boat into and out of the wave crests and troughs.

What is under skinning on a pontoon boat? 

The procedure of “under skinning” involves covering the boat’s underbelly with an aluminum sheet. It has a few benefits. Such as, under-skinning helps with reducing the drag, also, it cuts down water spray. Overall, it makes the boat slightly faster and allows it to have a smoother ride.

Can you add a slide to your pontoon boat?

Yes, depending on whether you want a permanent slide or a temporary one, you can add a slide to your pontoon. Slides can be made of sturdy plastic or metal. It may be used to have fun when linked to a boat.


So, now you know all about adding a log to pontoon boat

Hopefully, you’ll be able to install a log to your favorite pontoon boat easily. Simply follow the instructions as they are given to complete the task.

That’s all. Best of luck!

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